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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein counte
UP000260823Mucilaginibacter sp. ZH624827274079
UP000234897Urochloa hoja blanca tenuivirus (Strain: Costa Rica)558084
UP000163346Human cyclovirus14556262
UP000016509Clostridium sp. KLE 175512263256954
UP000001759Lactobacillus prophage Lj96513987046
UP000008622Figwort mosaic virus (strain DxS) (FMV)106507
UP000051888Bacillus shackletonii (Strain: LMG 18435)1578384690
UP000245396Pseudaminobacter salicylatoxidans (Strain: DSM 6986)933694695
UP000176050Lutibacter sp. LPB013818502462946
UP000198960Blastococcus endophyticus (Strain: DSM 45413)6735214606
UP000216840Winogradskyella aurantia (Strain: WNB302)19150632856
UP000207656Pig stool associated circular ssDNA virus GER201111149425
UP000051414Nocardioides sp. Root7917366004673
UP000003980Metallosphaera yellowstonensis MK16710653340
UP000207658Staphylococcus phage 3MRA150502666
UP000002374Escherichia phage vB_EcoM_ECO1230-1066987556
UP000217240Beihai sesarmid crab virus 4 (Strain: SCJXSX38901)19226642
UP000054359Stegodyphus mimosarum40782127009
UP000218502Helicobacter sp. TUL18489281662
UP000051357Curtobacterium sp. Leaf18317362913232
UP000202164Shahe heteroptera virus 2 (Strain: SHWC01c3694)19234181
UP000077151Oleiphilus sp. HI006918222454043
UP000202610Fusarium poae negative-stranded virus 118495441
UP000010391Klebsiella phage KP36112919179
UP000027726Mangrovibacter sp. MFB07012243184781
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