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Zymosan induces NADPH oxidase activation in human neutrophils by inducing the phosphorylation of p47phox and the activation of Rac2: involvement of protein tyrosine kinases, PI3Kinase, PKC, ERK1/2 and p38MAPkinase.

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Zymosan activates protein kinase A via adenylyl cyclase VII to modulate innate immune responses during inflammation.

Jiang L.I., Sternweis P.C., Wang J.E.

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Zymophore identification enables the discovery of novel phenylalanine ammonia lyase enzymes.

Weise N.J., Ahmed S.T., Parmeggiani F., Galman J.L., Dunstan M.S., Charnock S.J., Leys D., Turner N.J.

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Zymophagy, a novel selective autophagy pathway mediated by VMP1-USP9x-p62, prevents pancreatic cell death.

Grasso D., Ropolo A., Lo Re A., Boggio V., Molejon M.I., Iovanna J.L., Gonzalez C.D., Urrutia R., Vaccaro M.I.

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Zymomonas mobilis squalene-hopene cyclase gene (shc): cloning, DNA sequence analysis, and expression in Escherichia coli.

Reipen I.G., Poralla K., Sahm H., Sprenger G.A.

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Zymogram profiling of superoxide dismutase and catalase activities allows Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces species differentiation and correlates to their fermentation performance.

Gamero-Sandemetrio E., Gomez-Pastor R., Matallana E.

Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 97:4563-4576(2013) · Mapped (2)

Zymogen-like factor Xa variants restore thrombin generation and effectively bypass the intrinsic pathway in vitro.

Bunce M.W., Toso R., Camire R.M.

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Zymogenic and enzymatic properties of the 70-80 loop mutants of factor X/Xa.

Chen L., Manithody C., Yang L., Rezaie A.R.

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Zymogen activation of neurotrypsin and neurotrypsin-dependent agrin cleavage on the cell surface are enhanced by glycosaminoglycans.

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Zymogen activation, inhibition, and ectodomain shedding of matriptase.

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Zymogen activation confers thermodynamic stability on a key peptide bond and protects human cationic trypsin from degradation.

Szabo A., Radisky E.S., Sahin-Toth M.

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Zymocin, a composite chitinase and tRNase killer toxin from yeast.

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Zyme, a novel and potentially amyloidogenic enzyme cDNA isolated from Alzheimer's disease brain.

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Zyklophin, a systemically active selective kappa opioid receptor peptide antagonist with short duration of action.

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Zygotically controlled F-actin establishes cortical compartments to stabilize furrows during Drosophila cellularization.

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Zygotically active genes that affect the spatial expression of the fushi tarazu segmentation gene during early Drosophila embryogenesis.

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Zygotic vinculin is not essential for embryonic development in zebrafish.

Han M.K.L., van der Krogt G.N.M., de Rooij J.

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Zygotic transcription and cell proliferation during Drosophila embryogenesis.

Saint R., Patterson B.

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Zygotic resetting of the HISTONE 3 variant repertoire participates in epigenetic reprogramming in Arabidopsis.

Ingouff M., Rademacher S., Holec S., Soljic L., Xin N., Readshaw A., Foo S.H., Lahouze B., Sprunck S., Berger F.

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Zygotic Porcn paternal allele deletion in mice to model human focal dermal hypoplasia.

Biechele S., Adissu H.A., Cox B.J., Rossant J.

PLoS ONE 8:e79139-e79139(2013) · Mapped (4)

Zygotic nucleosome assembly protein-like 1 has a specific, non-cell autonomous role in hematopoiesis.

Abu-Daya A., Steer W.M., Trollope A.F., Friedeberg C.E., Patient R.K., Thorne A.W., Guille M.J.

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Zygotic loss of ZEN-4/MKLP1 results in disruption of epidermal morphogenesis in the C. elegans embryo.

Hardin J., King R., Thomas-Virnig C., Raich W.B.

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Zygotic lethals with specific maternal effect phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster. I. Loci on the X chromosome.

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Zygotic lethal mutations with maternal effect phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster. II. Loci on the second and third chromosomes identified by P-element-induced mutations.

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Zygotic induction of plasmid ssb and psiB genes following conjugative transfer of Incl1 plasmid Collb-P9.

Jones A.L., Barth P.T., Wilkins B.M.

Mol. Microbiol. 6:605-613(1992) · UniProtKB (1)

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